Gender Pay Report




Equal Pay vs Gender Pay

Equal pay means that men and women doing equal work should receive equal pay

Gender pay is the difference between men and women’s average hourly pay across an organisation reported both as a mean (average) and a median (mid-point)



Wacoal Europe

We create lingerie, swimwear and active wear for every woman. We work hard to stay connected to our consumer and continue to gain insight into what she wants and as a result we create products for the women who love our brands.

We have an incredible group of people, male and female, who work hard to meet our vision.

As a business we are committed to hiring the right individual for each role, irrespective of gender. We will continue to develop our working practices and company policies, in order to attract the best applicants into our organisation.


Our Business Demographic

We are proud of our working community and the loyalty we have within our business.

At the time of the Gender Pay Gap reporting in 2020:

32% of all employees have been with the business for more than 10 years of which 101 are women and 19 are men.

50% of all employees have been with the business for more than 5 years of which 156 are women and 32 are men.

Over the past year we have grown our business and over this period we have hired 39 people of which 29 are women and 10 are men.

Because our business is lingerie and swimwear we attract a large number of female applicants for job openings and attribute that to the nature of our work. This is true at all levels.

The breakdown of the organisation is relatively consistent in its gender representation through the quartiles of the organisation and as a whole.

Quartile Split

   Male Female 
Upper Quartile  41.7%  58.3%
Upper Middle  30.6%  69.4%
Lower Middle 11.1%  88.9%
Lower Quartile  17.1%  82.9%

In the lower quartiles we have a high representation of female workers and this is attributed to:

1) Our store consultants are female due to the close interaction needed with our consumers when fitting our product
2) The applicants for our specialist skillset in the sewing environment being predominantly female
3) The light day-shift only warehouse work skews towards a localised female employee base

As an organisation we are very supportive of developing every individual’s career and encourage a long, successful and happy tenure within the Wacoal family. We support family friendly legislation and assess flexible working as requested working to ensure the needs of both the individual and the organisation are met.

Our Gender Pay Gap

Hourly Mean = 36.8%
Hourly Median = 40.3%
Bonus Mean = 77.5%
Bonus Median = 0%
Bonus proportion for Male = 76.6%
Bonus proportion for Female = 85.7%

Of the senior team (Directors and Heads of Department) the average length of service is approximately 13 years. This and the business demographic described above are what drive our Gender Pay Gap.

We believe the entire Wacoal team have a track record of effective and successful employment, which drives our business growth.

The figures above highlight that the gender pay gap within Wacoal Europe is structural and is strongly influenced by the fact that Wacoal has a high representation of female employees in the lower quartiles while at the same time having a higher representation of males in senior leadership roles. Currently 5 out of 7 board members are male and the average length of service is just over 10 years.

The Board and the organisation as a whole have formed over the years by selecting the right person for the job with no bias or discrimination. As new positions become available within the business we commit to finding the best talent that matches the job description, regardless of gender.


Commitments to our working community

We will continue;

1) To match the skills of the job to the right candidate with no bias or discrimination
2) To support a long length of service and create an environment where people enjoy coming to work.
3) To listen to our people and continuously develop our working practices to help and support our workforce.
4) To invest in people through clear learning and development programmes.


I confirm that the data published in this report is accurate.

Vaughan Waylett
Finance Director